Memory Spring Quilted Mattress 3FT 4FT 4FT6 5FT (Medium Soft)

Memory Spring Quilted Mattress 3FT 4FT 4FT6 5FT (Medium Soft)

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  • 3ft Single
  • 4ft Small Double
  • 4ft6 Double
  • 5ft King
  • 6ft Super King

Our memory spring mattress is constructed to give you a supportive night's sleep in sumptuous comfort. Our traditionally open sprung mattress contains hourglass shaped open springs, providing you with even support over the entire sleeping area. Combined with generous layers of soft fillings and covered with plush cover, this mattress offers a soft and comforting finish. 

Suitable for all kinds of sleepers and for those who sleep in different positions, our medium supportive mattress is a great all round choice. This is a no turn mattress; however, we recommend you rotate the mattress from head to toe regularly.

Expertly handcrafted in the UK at our Furniture Boulevard HQ.

 (Please be aware that the quilting pattern may change due to changes in batches but the inside materials will not change)

Here, at Furniture Boulevard, our great prices and excellent customer service have provided us with thousands of satisfied customers.

So know that when you choose us you can expect your item to be of the highest quality and dispatched quickly at the fairest price.


Health & Safety:
DO NOT jump on this mattress.
DO NOT use this Mattress if any parts are missing, damaged or worn.
Always use on a level, even surface.
Assemble in the room of use, assembly should be carried out with this item laying flat, not standing upright.
Assemble on a soft, clean surface to prevent damages. To remove the printed numbers on the pieces, use the eraser provided Periodically check all screws & fixings to ensure they are secure.
DO NOT push the item as this will damage the base. Always lift the item with two people to re position.
Keep any sharp objects away from the item.