Montalcino - Availble in Corner and 3+2 Sofa
Montalcino - Availble in Corner and 3+2 Sofa
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Montalcino - Availble in Corner and 3+2 Sofa

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2314 3 SEATER MAXI 3 CUSCHIONS 234-92" 100-39" 97-38"
2306 3 SEATER 2 CUSHIONS 216-85" 100-39" 97-38"
2200 2 SEATER 172-68" 100-39" 97-38"
2100 CHAIR 111-44" 100-39" 97-38"
2307 3 SEATERS 2 CUSHIONS LHF ARM 191-75" 100-39" 97-38"
2308 3 SEATERS 2 CUSHIONS RHF ARM 191-75" 100-39" 97-38"
2201 LEFT HAND FACING 2 SEATER 147-58" 100-39" 97-38"
2202 RIGHT HAND FACING 2 SEATER 147-58" 100-39" 97-38"
2101 LEFT HAND FACING CHAIR 86-34" 100-39" 97-38"
2102 RIGHT HAND FACING CHAIR 86-34" 100-39" 97-38"
2123 MAXI ARMLESS CHAIR 83-33" 100-39" 97-38"
2103 ARMLESS CHAIR 61-24" 100-39" 97-38"
2670 OCTAGONAL CORNER 120-47" 100-39" 120-47"


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